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Congratulations and thank you for your acceptance to speak at the Structures Congress 2019. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share knowledge and information with your colleagues. These documents will assist you in preparing your session. Following these guidelines will enable you to maximize your session time. It is important that you prepare an interesting and informative presentation for the conference. Please review the following guidelines to assist you doing this:

Final Papers

If you choose to submit a final paper please read this information carefully. Final papers are optional. Only Primary Authors have the task that allows them to upload a final paper in the paper management system. (Sessions with no abstracts do not have the final paper option). 

Important Date: - All final Publication Ready Papers 10–12 pages must be uploaded to the Paper Management System. Extensions will NOT be possible. Make sure the uploaded paper is final and you have followed all formatting, copyright and permissions guidelines. Please remove all track changes and all comment boxes before you upload it. You will need to upload it in Word document format.

Key Dates

  • Final Publication Ready Papers:
  • Notification of modifications needed to paper by:
  • Corrected Final Paper uploaded by:  (only for authors notified changes were needed)

Important Please Review

Final Paper Evaluation

Final papers will be evaluated to ensure the following:

  • The content is consistent with the approved abstract.
  • The paper is not a commercial for products or services.
  • Paper formatting, copyright and permission requirements have been complied with.
  • The paper is readable (no significant issues with spelling, grammar, etc.).
  • Photos, figures, and drawings are properly credited in the caption or legend. See Example (PDF).
  • Paper includes a conclusion and provides references if appropriate.
  • The paper has not been published or submitted for publication any other place even ASCE.

If the final paper meets all the copyright/permission and format requirements (PDF), it will be included in the conference proceedings.

Innovative Executive Sessions (IES)

IES Session - Speakers show one slide - using this template (PPTX). Speak for 3 minutes and then everyone moves to the other side of the room where each presenter must have their own laptop. The audience can go for individual discussions and more in-depth presentations in a one-on-one format. You will need to respond to the e-mail stating you are interested in speaking in this session.

These documents will assist you in preparing for your IES Session

  • You can create 1 slide for your presentation. You only have 3 minutes to speak. It is a good idea to practice your presentation. (View example of a completed slide). 
  • Remember that after your presentation you will have your laptop on a table and you can show whatever you like on the laptop such as; PowerPoint, pictures etc. to better explain your project. Get creative. Make whatever you show large enough so people can see from a distance in case you have more than one person interested in speaking with you at a time.
  • Remember - You will not have internet access and you will not have a power cord.
  • Please make sure your laptop can run on batteries for at least 90 minutes.
  • If you want to submit a final paper for publication in the conference proceedings your final publication-ready paper is due October 24, 2018.
  • You are required to provide your final slide to your session moderator one month prior to the conference.
  • All speakers and moderators are required to register.


The proceedings will be copyrighted and published by ASCE. It is the author's responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions or approvals from employers, project owners, or clients prior to submission of the final paper for publication. Material included in your submission from previously published sources, including the Internet, may require permission from the copyright holder of that publication or website. It is the author's responsibility to obtain the permission for reuse of this material and include the appropriate credit information in the paper.

Moderator Information

Congratulations and thank you for your acceptance to moderate a session at Structures Congress 2019.

Please read the Moderator Guidelines (PDF) or IES Moderator guidelines (PDF) carefully. All moderators need to communicate early with session authors and make sure you coordinate receiving final PowerPoints in advance of your session.

Important: Please note that LAPTOPS are not provided. The moderator is responsible for bringing the laptop with all the session PowerPoints pre-loaded and tested to the session. Please make sure you arrange to have a laptop at the session and that you have uploaded all your speaker presentation(s) ahead of time and tested that they work. There will be no Wi-Fi in session rooms.

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